An Oklahoma Company uses 3D Scanning to increase value and flexibility for its clients Wenn der Ort des Geschehens zum Kunden kommt

A California Firm uses Trimble Solutions to manage a tight schedule and difficult conditions Große Ergebnisse auf kleinem Raum

Total stations and scanning provide precise data for rehabilitating an aging water line The Power of Real- Time Surveying

Surveying the Damage after a 7.8 Earthquake In November 2016, after a long period of seismic activity in the South Island of New Zealand, there was another significant 7.8 magnitude earthquake that caused major land movement and heavily impacted the seaside town of Kaikoura.

Trimble Solutions help the National Park Service preserve an Alaskan Treasure Ein historisches Bergwerk wird mit neuem Leben erfüllt


Scanning for Property Management Trimble X7 scanner provides streamlined field workflows and reduced office processing time.

Scanning Get Into The Game 3D imaging proves its worth in preparing to repair a Spanish soccer stadium

Scanning Brings New Light to a Historic Dutch Village Trimble X7 provides fast, accurate data capture for restorations of historic structures

Mining Point Clouds Trimble X7 provides rapid workflows for tight timelines in challenging environments

3D Imaging Helps Preserve a Historic Opera House Trimble X7 documents every details of an older structure

TX Series

Erfolg durch Design Der Trimble TX8 Laserscanner eröffnet in Kombination mit den Softwarelösungen RealWorks und SketchUp neue Möglichkeiten in der Architektur.

Enger Zeitplan ist kein Problem für Trimble-Technologie Ein bayerisches Beratungsunternehmen erfüllt hohe Anforderungen an Schnelligkeit und Genauigkeit.

Trimble Technologien optimieren die Gebäudesanierung Le FabShop, a French digital workshop, was preparing to open the first Le FabClub, a makerspace, in Paris. 

The Atlantic Slave Trade Project - CyArk and Trimble kicked off the Atlantic Slave Trade Project with the digital preservation of Natchez National Historical Park in Natchez, Mississippi

Trimble RealWorks

Precise 3D Virtual Modeling Saves Time To avoid costly work onsite, stairs for an office building were prefabricated based on precise 3D models created with scan data collected with Trimble TX5 laser scanners and processed in Trimble RealWorks

Trimble Business Center

Trimble Clarity

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