Version 10.3 Update

Trimble® eCognition® delivers advanced object-based image analysis technology to ensure the highest quality of results. In eCognition version 10.3, groundbreaking new Python integration enables a powerful tool for advanced ruleset development, adding extra functionality to eCognition using the standard GIS programming language.

A brand-new Segmentation Preview tool generates segmentation results for any selected area of the entire scene on the fly, allowing you to quickly select the segmentation strategy and adjust its  parameters. The new Image Registration algorithm further integrates key parts of your workflow within eCognition. Improved user interface and usability updates further optimize your experience.

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Released in February 2023, Trimble eCognition version 10.3.1 software is now available for customers with a valid eCognition maintenance contract. For details on the latest features, tools and changes to the software, please refer to the Release Notes

This maintenance contract will provide you with the latest product enhancements, updates and premier technical support. Customers with a current maintenance contract have already been informed via email including download and licensing information. If you have not received this email, please request a maintenance quote with your Entitlement ID(s) by contacting our sales team.

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Python Integration

In eCognition 10.3, the seamless Python integration allows users to incorporate existing Python scripts into a ruleset or create new scripts directly in eCognition software. The new algorithm, ‘Python script,’ allows Python code to access and manipulate variables, vector, raster, and point cloud data loaded in eCognition, using available methods described in the Python API Reference.

The outputs created with Python scripts are passed directly to eCognition and can be used for further analysis. Python Environment Manager allows users to create environments with custom package configuration. Additionally, a debugging functionality has been added that allows users to attach any IDE that supports the 'debugpy' remote debugger Python module.

Python Integration - eCognition

Segmentation Preview

Segmentation Preview is an interactive tool that allows users to test any segmentation algorithm available in eCognition and calibrate its parameters on a selected area of the scene efficiently. There is no need to create a scene subset. Instead, you can test and calibrate your segmentation using a rectangular window that can be resized and moved to any location of the scene. The segmentation results will be recalculated on the fly. With segmentation, the first step of almost any workflow created in eCognition, ruleset development is faster and more dynamic.

Segmentation Preview - GIF

Image Registration

The new Image Registration algorithm streamlines ruleset development and allows you to build complete workflows in eCognition without having to switch to third-party software to perform image alignment, which is an essential preprocessing step.

The algorithm supports both automatic and manual registration workflows as well as direct homography matrix as inputs.

Image Registration - GIF

Enhanced User Experience

Work continues on user interface improvements to create a better user experience. This release focuses on the most requested improvements by our customers. Trimble eCognition 10.3 offers more functional and modernized dialogs, including a new Raster Calculator for building arithmetic expressions, enhanced 2D Feature Space Plot, and many more improvements.

Plot GIF

Raster Calc